We recently met with Melbourne-based musician Hannah Cameron, a long-time supporter of Alpha60. Hannah was wearing her favourite pair of Dani jeans from a few seasons ago which she was very excited to hear are making a comeback this season!

Hannah's remarkable talent earned her a coveted spot in Double J's prestigious top 50 albums for 2023. Amid Melbourne's lockdown, she meticulously crafted her third album, Holding Pattern. Now, poised for a significant milestone, Hannah is gearing up for her first London headline show in May.

Favourite Alpha60 purchase?

I recently bought the Ellie jeans and I have basically not taken them off since. They are the new jean of my dreams. I also love the Elke dress which I wore to Meredith last year.

Describe your sound?

I am terrible at answering this question but someone once described my music as Laura Marling fronting Grizzly Bear which I took as a large compliment.

Last year you were included in double J'S top 50 albums - what is the goal for this year?

The goal for this year is to write and hopefully do some recording.

Do you have any daily rituals?

It’s a bit of a cliche but I try to start every morning with some sort of meditation, journalling and movement. 

What are your go to places to visit in Melbourne?

I live near Edinburgh Gardens and spend a lot of time walking around there - especially at this time of year. I also love food and coffee and spend probably too much time/money at CibiLoaferCam’s KioskGood Days and Luther’s Scoops

What was the inspiration behind your third album Holding Pattern?

I wrote most of the album during lockdown when I had a lot of time to reflect on certain cycles of behaviour that I found myself stuck in. I also started writing more on the baritone guitar which definitely inspired a lot of the musical content. 

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

I think either a dog or a bird. Dogs seem to have a pretty nice life but birds can fly. 

Tell us a little bit about whats coming up for you?

Some very fun overseas tours over the next few months. Right now I’m in the US with my friends The Paper Kites and I’m heading to Europe / UK with them in a few months. Playing my first headline show in London in May which is really exciting!