We were delighted to visit Kate Rohde's vibrant art studio the day after she received her works back from an installation at Hermès in Sydney. Stepping into her studio was like entering a kaleidoscope of creativity; every corner overflowed with her mesmerizing resin works, each intricately designed with vivid colors and ornate details. We felt an immense sense of pride at having the opportunity to collaborate with such a celebrated and extraordinarily talented artist on this season's Kate Rohde bag.

Tell us a little about your recent installation with Hermès?

I was invited to create an interactive window installation for their Sydney store over the Christmas / summer holiday season, and for the first time they also included artworks placed throughout the store. It was amazing to work with such a renowned global brand, and I loved that they embraced a really maximal concept, it gave me the opportunity to make some epic pieces and try things I'd never done before, like making a functional chandelier.

What inspired the vibrant colours you use in your work? They are such a contrast to your predominantly black wardrobe!

I think I'm one of those people who likes to be quite low key in how I dress and be hi-vis in the artworks I make, I don't want to stand out too much as a person but I'm happy for my art works to be loud. I've always loved really strong colours, and I like to see what happens trying out different colour combinations.

What influences the forms of your artwork?

I look to a lot of historical decorative arts and interiors, I've been lucky to travel to some of the most amazing art and natural history museums over the years, so I have a big archive of images of things seen while travelling that I can look back over for inspiration.

Do you have any daily rituals?

I really value having a long lunch break, since I live and work in the same place I can make my lunch and coffee on site, and I have my studio couch to curl up on. I usually read for a while and I keep some inspiring fashion or art books handy to browse. I feel a bit out of sorts if I don't have this break on a studio day, it nicely divides the working day for me into the morning and afternoon sessions.

What sort of music do you like to listen to while you create?

I listen to podcasts almost the entire time I'm working, I like to have the sound of talking and chat to work to, music is perhaps too distracting for me. I listen to a very wide-ranging mix of subjects including current affairs, history, true crime, science. My most favourite ones are anything to do with mysterious occurrences, hauntings etc I love spooky stories.

Do you think fashion can be considered art?

Yes, I definitely think fashion can be considered art, since we're all wearing clothes it's probably one of the most engaging art forms as we're all invested in it. I feel I put my creative energy into making art works external to myself, but I really enjoy things like going to Melbourne Fashion Festival and looking at the people that really dress up for it as their creative outlet.

What is your favourite Melbourne local eatery?

So hard to choose just one! I would have to say Neighbourhood Wine as it's probably the place I go to more often than anywhere else, especially forthe Sundayroasts. It's super cosy and relaxed, the food is great, I always have a good time there.

What are your favourite purchases from Alpha60?

I have so many pieces it's hard to choose! I particularly love the winter knitwear, I just about live in Alpha60 jumpers all through winter, they are really versatile. The overall thing I love about Alpha60 clothing is the attention to detail and design twists that elevate it to another level.