Meet Tina Stefanou a Greek-Australian artist, performer-composer, researcher and the art director for The Horror of the Avant-Garde(s). What can’t she do?

Artist Tina Stefanou wearing Alpha60 at the Adelaide Biennial
Adrian Dress and Harriet Blazer

"Hym(e)nals" is a four-channel film and sound piece that showcases six teenage horse riders and their elderly equine partners. Filmed at a horse sanctuary this work captures the riders as they traverse the Wurundjeri bush at night, employing their voices to foster interspecies communication. Adorned in transparent fabrics and illuminated by lights, "Hym(e)nals" reimagines the conventional imagery of the pony club, casting it in a new light. The work highlights the practice's commitment to working with multi-species communities for extended periods, creating gestures that gather differently and advocate for a dance into stranger solidarities and proximities.

Hym(e)nals, 2022, film stills, photography by WIL NORMYLE