Introducing Sense of Direction, a colourful collaboration between Georgie and Alex of Alpha60, and multihyphenate artist Brendan Huntley. A simple idea that originated as a solo rug, morphed into a much bigger one. With multiple works spanning across 32 metres.

From the initial conversation back in 2019, the idea for the project grew through countless meetings. The synergy and excitement between Brendan, Alex and Georgie enabled the concept to evolve and the singular rug morphed into an ambitious immersive installation, with accompanying clocks to mirror the rug’s motifs.

With expertise in fabric and textile design and construction, Alpha60 have brought the works of Brendan Huntley to life — in object form. The rugs feature an array of Huntley’s bright and characteristic motifs including faces, celestial beings, clocks, butterflies and eyes. They speak to the artist’s musings on the often temporary nature of personal transformation; how the landscape of individual growth moves in random patterns; and the way that euphoric moments of understanding can be fleeting.

“The idea of creating something that will be shown in Heide Modern – and the house’s extraordinary history ­– inspired us to exaggerate the scale of a domestic item, to reflect how the space blurs the lines between house and museum,” said Brendan.

Experience Sense Of Direction by Alpha60 x Brendan Huntley for yourself with our interactive virtual tour.

Melbourne Design Week 2023

As a part of MDW 2023 we transported our exhibition with Brendan Huntley to Chapter House for a musical and dance response to the 32-metre-long rug.

Score: Mikey Young
Operatic Vocals: Sophie Bisset
Movement: Lily Paskas
Costumes: Brendan Huntley
Presented by: Alpha60 + Brendan Huntley
Videos by: Timothy Hillier