For the 2024 Melbourne Art Fair, we are delighted to be collaborating with Mikala Dwyer. The collaboration was sparked by the idea of creating a bag that represented the artists’ work but also their personality or their use of a bag.

Our first meeting with Mikala transpired during the Melbourne Art Fair in 2022. Mikala's striking ensemble, adorned in Alpha60 from head to toe, captivated our interest and sparked an immediate connection. Since our introduction, we've been engaged in a continuous collaboration, drawing inspiration from her exhibition 'Bird.' As we approach the two-year mark, we find it apt to debut the fruits of our partnership at the Melbourne Art Fair, where our creative journey first commenced.

Mikala Dwyer

Mikala Dwyer’s practice is predominantly installation-based, in which she constructs idiosyncratic, personal spaces within the conventional architecture of the gallery, using materials that have a strong association with the body. Her interest in working within and against architecture is a reaction to the imperatives of ‘good design’ – Scandinavian modernism in particular. Her installations and sculptures are experimental and experiential architectures that play with the permeable and changeable nature of objects and our relationship with them. Her materials – plastic, fabric, plywood, plants and sound – are selected for their qualities of materiality or immateriality, and display an intentional lack of finish.