We are thrilled to share our partnership with Spring1883 Art Fair.

We exhibited Domestic Connecting, our collaboration with photographer, Tim Hillier, at Spring1883 in August 2023.

Tim Hillier

I started taking photos for Domestic Connecting 10 years ago, when I was flying across to Broome and Darwin a lot. I would stare out the window, out at the outback, and slowly watch it change. My inflight movie ignored. I was mesmerised by the shapes shifting and colours changing. I kept collecting vistas and amazed at the colours I could capture. I kept working on how to manipulate the colours, using different filters and different plane windows. Different times of day and different planes, causing the rupture in the images. Created in camera using the birefringent properties of the lexan glass of the plane. Variable polariser shifting the spectrum of how we observe colour.Kept at a distance, through a window, through a filter, photographing the aura of the desert. It is all still a mystery to me. The landscape, the red dirt, it keeps calling me back. No matter how much I learn about it, I can never understand and these are a representation of that thought. I am at a distance from the landscape.